Asiatic marriage symbols’ meanings

Any Eastern marriage must include characters, and there are many traditional and contemporary elements to bring to the big day. There are countless ways to add a touch of meaning to your ceremony and reception, from the man leading the march with fireworks and drums to” gather” his bride to using family members to comb the child’s locks before she walks down the aisle.

The Chinese character (shuangxi) is perhaps one of the most recognizable symbols incorporated into Asian weddings It is composed of two connected copies of the Chinese character for happiness and is seen throughout the celebration from wall hangings to cake toppers. This Chinese wedding symbol symbolizes joy and prosperity, and reflects the hopes of the new couple’s marriage.

Chinese wedding icons include dragons and immortals, which are also popular. The falcon, which combines the qualities of yin and yang, is a female image while the dragons stands for masculinity and wealth. These organisms are frequently portrayed together to symbolize two households coming up and their intertwining prospects.

Lengthy feng cheng hua, which can be translated as “may the dragon and phoenix bring you great fortune” or “abundance brought by the oleh and thatin,” is written inscribed on this ancient appeal. A lion and a nova are depicted together in the pendant’s hexagonal shape, demonstrating their combined power and strength. The ideal addition to any child’s heirloom set is this.

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