Legal Questions That Will Make You Go “What The Heck?”

Yo, have you ever thought about some of the craziest laws out there? It’s like, the law of holes – if you’re stuck in a hole, stop digging, right? But then there’s these Cuba car laws. Like, what’s up with that?

And then there’s all these legal terms like requirements traceability matrix project management. It’s like, what even is that? And is it legal to euthanize a healthy cat? Like, why would you even wanna do that?

And if you’re thinking about a career in law, you might be wondering about stuff like diploma in law salary in South Africa. And what about the wrong price tag law in New York? I mean, I’ve seen some crazy price tags, but is it really a legal thing?

Then there’s all these questions about business, like, is a parent company an affiliate? And what even is the entity definition in business? I mean, I’m all for being legit, but why’s it gotta be so complicated?

And finally, we’ve got all these legal questions about money, like what sterling notes are legal tender. Like, who even carries cash these days? And what’s this about physical evidence in business? I thought we were all about the digital age now!