Rap Legal Advice and Comedy Show

Yo, listen up, here’s advice for you, let’s break it down from joint ventures to tint limits too!

Joint Venture Agreement Checklist

Before you jump into a JV agreement, check out this checklist, avoid any mess and make sure it’s a success!

Selling Property by Owner Forms

Thinking of selling your home on your own? Get the right forms, cover your back and make sure it performs!

Legal Tint Limit in GA

Are your windows too dark, do you need a permit? Know the legal tint limits in GA, avoid getting into a bad situation, my brotha!

Is Texas Going to Legalize Weed in 2022?

Thinking about lighting up a joint? Check out Texas’ new weed law, avoid getting into trouble with the law, that’s what I saw!

Joint Venture Without Legal Entity

Want to form a JV without setting up a new entity? Understand the legal considerations, avoid making a costly mistake, my legal exploration entity!

How to Draft a Motion for Court

Got a case but don’t know where to start? Follow this step-by-step guide, avoid presenting a case that looks like a work of art!

Military Bases Agreement March 14, 1947

Want to learn about the implications of this agreement? Check out this overview, avoid getting stuck in historical complications, making history your investigation station!

Law Movies to Watch

Need a break and want to have some fun? Watch these top 10 law movies, it’s like a legal comedy show, just without the puns!

Anti-Discrimination Laws in Hong Kong

Worried about your rights in Hong Kong? Know your rights here, avoid getting into discrimination fights, understand the legal insight!

GDPR Employment Contract Clauses

Want to keep your company’s contracts in check? Check out these key clauses, keep the GDPR compliance tips, it’s like taking legal contract nips!